Landon Miller

Songwriter and lead singer, wordster and creative prodigy. Self-taught guitarist who chooses unique tones and chord structures that serve as the skeleton for The Wall Chargers’ iconic sound. Grew up gospel, learning drums at an early age. Self-proclaimed master of the “cat hands.” Has written and recorded eight full length records under a slew of monikers. Works at Day Old Blues Records in Shreveport, Louisiana when the band isn’t on tour.

Benjamin Densmore

Electric guitar wizard and right hand man. Jazz guitarist, classical pianist and general multi-instrumentalist. Responsible for the smooth overtones and tasteful punctuations of The Wall Chargers’ sound. Attended Northwestern State University’s Scholars’ College specializing in upright bass and percussion ensemble. Honored by the “Louis Armstrong” award.

Michael Weileder

Bass guitar maestro and wisecracking heavy hitter. Classically trained in clarinet, competing at the state level in high school before turning to the electric underworld of bass. Infuses The Wall Chargers with unstoppable energy and somber countermelodies. Attended Northwestern State University’s Scholars’ College with a focus in literature. Once swallowed a dying star to gain its power.

Josh Waldrop

Brass virtuoso and resident straight shooter. Also trained in Spanish guitar and the lost art of instrument repair. Elevates The Wall Chargers with the souls of both classical French horn and urban trumpet. Performs with local & regional Louisiana symphonies and wind ensembles. Currently holds the honor of French horn section leader at Northwestern State University.

Dylan Hillman

The quiet beast in the back, slamming the skins and maintaining the rhythm from his drum cave. Local bike legend and DIY Highland hero. The engine that keeps The Wall Chargers moving forward, both on and off stage. Creative master of Artpunch. He’s the tall guy in the short shorts, with the rat tail and the huge biceps; you can’t miss him.